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Basic Box™ with Motion Controller


Basic Box™ with Data Acquisition Controller

The BASIC BOX™ is a self-contained data collection and control instrument with the power of a computer and the simplicity of a calculator. Its capabilities are sampling data from one or more of the analog or digital ports, make decisions based upon the data and display or store the results. The BASIC BOX™ is also capable of controlling devices using the analog, digital and serial outputs. Because the software and hardware are designed to work together as an integrated package, typical data input and output (I/O) functions are simplified. The programming language named INTERACTIVE BASIC™ is designed to fully integrate with the hardware without complex system calls or cryptic library functions.

Many of the features found in personal computer data acquisition systems are incorporated in the BASIC BOX™ but that is where the similarity ends. The following is a comparison of program complexity, reliability and power requirements between the BASIC BOX™ and a computer based system.

Simplifies Programming

With any personal computer system, components must be added and configured to support digital and analog I/O. Once the hardware is installed, software is added to work with the new hardware. Typically the software "talks" to the hardware using many cryptic commands or system calls to initialize and transfer data between the I/O devices and memory. This typically requires an experienced programmer, time and money to work successfully. Once the data acquisition and/or controller project is finished it must be maintained as requirements change. All of this information is typically found by referencing the computer, operating system, data I/O board(s) and the programming manuals. When problems arise they could be caused by one or more components so the technical support numbers should be kept nearby.

The BASIC BOX™ was designed by one company as one product and has only one manual, greatly reducing the learning cycle and development time.