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Creep Stand Controller


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The Model 2K is designed to upgrade existing dead weight creep stands into a fully programmable electromechanical load controller system.

The 2K is capable of controlling tensile loads within the 2200 lbs. load and 4 inch stroke capacity of the frame over long periods of time. The 2 inch per minute actuator rate will quickly and accurately maintain the desired control point.

The control panel can be manually or remotely configured to control the load, stroke or strain control point in real-time. A built-in waveform generator can be programmed to cycle or ramp the control point for hours, days or even months for unattended testing. Since the 2K contains a closed loop digital PID controller, the control point is accurately manipulated in real time.

The control panel has an RS-232 serial port enabling a computer to have full control of the 2K for even more functionality. Languages such as LabVIEW, Visual Basic etc. can control the units operation while collecting data for long or short term data logging or real-time graphing. Custom computer based control panels can be developed to provide the required functionality for specific applications. Incorporating computer application programs to access and control the 2K makes it a truly flexible unit.

The short height of the load frame allows it to be mounted under a table or test stand allowing unobstructed acess above the work area. Pressure vessels, temperature and humidity chambers etc. can be mounted above the work area providing a wide range of controlled environments. With the load frame mounted virtuality at any angle or orientation the 2K adapts to a wide range of testing requirements.

Best of all the 2K does not require costly maintenance programs, special power requirements, dedicated location or expensive training like other testers.

Since the 2K is designed as a general purpose instrument, the uses are limitless. From creep testing to fatigue analysis, its functionality goes a long way.


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