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Model AA-KIP-I

The KIP-I is capable of compression and tension testing within its capacity of 1000 lbs. over the 2.5 inch stroke range. The control panel can be manually or remotely configured to control the load or stroke setpoint in real-time. The built-in function generator can be programmed to hold, ramp or cycle a setpoint for hours, days or even months for unattended testing. Other desktop systems typically support open loop displacement ramps, recording the load with respect to time. The KIP-I contains a closed loop load and stroke controller for real-time control or the setpoint making it a true materials analyzer.

Best of all the KIP-I does not require costly maintenance programs, specific power requirements, a dedicated location or expensive training like other testers.

The control panel has a built in RS-232 serial port enabling a computer to have full control of the KIP-I for even more functionality. Languages such as LabVIEW, Visual Basic etc. can control the units operation while collecting data for long or short term data logging or real-time graphing. Using external programs to access and control the KIP-I makes it a truly flexible unit.





Optional Tensile Adapter: