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Affordable Tensile Testers & Data Collection Products

Universal Materials Testers

The KIP-I is capable of compression or tension testing within its capacity of 1000 lbs. over a 2.5-inch stroke. Closed-loop, real-time, load, stroke or strain control is programmed from the control box or the optional, Windows based, TestView software package; making the KIP-I a true materials analyzer. The built-in function generator can be programmed to perform many tests; it can hold, ramp or cycle a setpoint for hours, days or even months for unattended testing. Best of all the KIP-I does not require costly maintenance programs, special power requirements, a dedicated location or expensive training like other testers.


Creep Stand Controller

The Creep Stand Controller is a retrofit system for existing creep stands. This system provides an electronic means of generating and maintaining load on old creep stands without the use of cumbersome weights.


Basic Box Controller

Our line of Basic Box™ controllers is a very unique self-contained data collection and control instrument with the power of a PC but the simplicity of a calculator.